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Join Sindhuka: an added value for your business, a concrete support to local economy. Sindhuka is a trademark which connects local vegetables, fruits and herbal plants producers aligned with sustainable and environmentally friendly production models.

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What is Sindhuka?

Sindhuka is looking for local responsible farmers producing vegetables, fruits and herbal plants’ in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. We promote a series of safe cultivation practices to respond to the effects of climate change, minimizing the use of chemicals fertilizers and pesticides and using only local varieties and eco-types. Our main goal here is to create a network of small-scale farmers in which all together we can better market our products while promoting local food traditions.

Farming sustainably in Nepal

Why was the Sindhuka trademark created?

To provide local producers with a unique, recognizable and environment-friendly brand designed to open up new market opportunities and reinforce existing local businesses. Imports of agricultural produce has increased dramatically in the last years from outside our borders, especially since the earthquake in 2015, while local farmers continue to struggle on finding ways to market their own produce. Let’s reverse this tendency and be part of the change!

Our vision for the future? To create a strong trademark recognized at national and even international level.

Farming sustainably in Nepal

Why, as a producer, do I need the Sindhuka trademark?

  • To count with a recognizable, sustainable and responsible brand
  • To access to an integrated supply chain and a growing commercial network
  • To improve the access to market information
  • To limit the dependence of middlemen
  • To increase the bargaining power
Farming sustainably in Nepal

Who can apply to get the trademark?

  • Agriculture Cooperatives
  • Farmers’ Groups
  • Members of Agriculture Cooperatives or Farmers’ Groups

Farmers within the previous categories are allowed to apply to the Sindhuka Trademark if fulfilling all conditions described in the Sindhuka’s Guidelines, using production methods aligned with the DCCRA Standards and following Sindhuka’s Code of Conduct.

DCCRA Standards include: only local varieties production, minimizing the use of resources (e.g. fertilizers, pesticides or water) while using climate change resilient production methods.

Sindhuka’s Code of Conduct represents a practical guide on how to behave, act and make decisions with environmental, social and ethical responsibility.

Farming sustainably in Nepal

How can I apply?

  1. Submit your application to Fulbari Cooperative
  2. Receive approval
  3. Sign a Trademark Agreement
  4. Pay royalties (if considered in the Trademark Agreement)
  5. Receive all materials needed for using Sindhuka’s Trademark

Application procedure graphic

Download the guidelines (English)

Download the guidelines (Nepali)

Download the promotional materials

Farming sustainably in Nepal


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